Ordering Walkthrough

Ordering phone plans online can get confusing. Click here for a 3-step guide to our store.

Product Description

Step 1.

Your first step is to choose a device that is right for you.

The price of the handset is based off of a 2 year contract renewal. If you already have a working phone, please use the “Primary Line Rate Plan Cost Per Month” and “Voice Plan Cost Per Month” products.

Those who are not currently with Telus may be eligible for additional incentives.

Prices are always subject to change with or without notice. Your Account Manager will always give you the most up to date information available.

Step 2.

Choose your Voice and Data plan.

Only the “Primary User” on an EPP Account will receive the Corporate Discount. Because  of this, we recommend this is the only line with a Data Plan. All users will have access to this “Data Pool.”

Use the “Primary Line Rate Plan Cost Per Month” product to calculate your monthly rate with a discount.Please disregard this charge in the shopping cart as it is a monthly rate for the next 24 months, not an upfront cost.

Each additional line will have a separate Voice Plan added to the monthly cost.

Here’s what’s included in all the plans:

  • Unlimited nationwide text, picture and video messaging
  • Voice Mail 25, call display, call waiting and conference calling
  • Unlimited family calling within the same account   

*Upgrade to a Premium Plus Rate Plan for an additional discount of up to $200 on your handset!   *Larger Data Pools are available if necessary.


 Step 3.

Fill out post-checkout contact form.

Please provide you name, company, and contact method so the appropriate Account Manager may follow-up with you.

This store is for information purposes only. Submitting an order is not equivalent to signing a contract. As such, prices are always subject to change. We provide the most up-to-date information available to us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your sales rep if you need any help or have any questions regarding the information above.

Andy Farintosh    250-883-0217    afarintosh@vicmobile.com

Dave Dalby           250-883-0185    davedalby@vicmobile.com

Steve Mullen        250-896-7777    steve@vicmobile.com

Heather Carter    250-475-2425    hcarter@vicmobile.com

Andrew Ross        250-208-7541    andrewr@vicmobile.com

Liza Johnson          250-475-2425     liza@vicmobile.com

If you are unsure of your sales rep then please contact Heather or Liza. 

Please enjoy your new phone and discounted rate plan. We appreciate your business.