The best PVR experience powered by Microsoft MediaRoom and over 550 channels and 135 in HD. You can record up to 3 shows at once so you never have to miss your favorite shows again. Plus, you can view your recorded shows on any TV!

Product Description


The Best PVR Experience

  • PVR Anywhere – Watch recordings in any room with only 1 PVR
  • Record up to 3 shows at once
  • Pause, rewind and replay live TV
  • Pause a show on 1 TV, and pick it up from the same spot in a different room
  • Remote record from your laptop or smartphone

Channels & packages

  • Over 550 channels, including over 150 in HD and 74 Galaxie music channels.
  • Multicultural programming

Optik TV apps

  • Facebook, tweet, share photos and more right on your TV with our interactive apps.
  • Optik on the go
  • Optik Smart Remote
  • Manage your channels

Cutting Edge Hardware

  • Take control of your TV viewing with state of the art 3-D ready technology, included when you sign up for a 3-year term.

On Demand

  • Rent loads of Hollywood’s best flicks in HD
  • Choose from thousands of movie titles and preview movie trailers before you rent.
  • Plus, check out TV On Demand to catch up on prime time shows from Global TV, City, and CBC.

Call Display

With Optik TV and Home Phone, you can see who’s calling right on your TV screen