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Victoria Harbour Cat’s Homerun Derby August 22, 2017

iPhone Wi-Fi Calling December 13, 2016

Wi-Fi Calling is an iPhone feature that allows you to call and message (text and multimedia) over Wi-Fi when you have little or no cellular coverage. You can use Wi-Fi Calling to call and message as you do on the cellular network, even if the person on the other end is not using Wi-Fi Calling.

What you need

You will need the following:

  • An iPhone 6 or newer
  • A TELUS wireless postpaid plan
  • iOS 10.2 or newer (remember to update your carrier settings when prompted to do so)
  • You will also need Wi-Fi connection that allows Voice over IP calling (VoIP)
    Note: A minimum download speed of 0.5 Mbps and 0.5Mbps upload speed is recommended. Slow speeds will affect the quality of the call.

 Turn on Wi-Fi Calling

  1. Open your iPhone Settings
  2. Select Phone
  3. Select Wi-Fi Calling
  4. You will need to read and accept the Wi-Fi Calling Terms and Conditions
  5. Enter your Emergency 911 Address

 Call and text message over Wi-Fi

When Wi-Fi calling is turned on you can call and message as you do normally and your iPhone will automatically use an available Wi-Fi network if it determines that you have low or no cellular coverage.

When moving out of cellular coverage, if you are making a call, your device will automatically switch to Wi-Fi without interrupting the call when in VoLTE coverage*. If not in VoLTE coverage, your call will drop if you move out of Wi-Fi connectivity while on a Wi-Fi call.

*Note: VoLTE is only available in AB/BC

 How to tell if you are using Wi-Fi calling

Once you see the word Wi-Fi beside the TELUS network name on the status bar of your device, you can make a Wi-Fi call. Wi-Fi Calling uses the same native dialler and contact list on your device as for cellular, for your convenience.


For more information from TELUS go to:

Generational shift brings two radio companies together February 17, 2016


Victoria Mobile Radio Ltd. acquires Barney’s Electronics Services as of February 1st 2016.  The purchase brings the company a communications tower on Saltspring Island to further expand radio coverage in South Vancouver Island.


Read the full write up from the Times Colonist


Top iPhone Tips December 2, 2015

Life is hard enough without having to factor in modern technology. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are two of the most lauded and intuitive smartphones to ever hit the consumer market. The phones are lined with an impressive set of hardware and integrated with Apple’s robust ecosystem of apps.

Nonetheless, the aptly-titled Tips app built into iOS 8 doesn’t cover all bases, especially considering just how vast and varied the innate features baked into Apple’s latest mobile can be. Most of us need a little extra help to get the most out of the $1100 megaphone, whether you’re simply trying to traverse the device’s expanded real estate or capture slow-motion video of your dog drooling on the sofa. Below are 20 of our favorite tips and tricks for the iPhone 6.


How to reach the top of the screen using one hand

Using one hand to reach screen iPhoneApple has always wanted consumers to use the iPhone with a single hand hand — hence, the iPhone 6’s new Reachability feature. Simply double-touch the Home button to shift the screen down closer to your thumb, and once you make your selection, it will conveniently slide back up to its natural position. No second hand required.

How to opt out of group iMessages

Leaving an iMessage conversation threadCertainly a long-sought feature, iPhone 6 users can now opt out of iMessage threads. To do so, launch the Messages app as you would normally, and choose the group thread you’d like to opt out of. Afterward, tap Details in the upper-right corner, and select the Leave this conversation option at the bottom of the menu. It’s a really nice feature, but sadly, it only allows you to leave conversations when everyone included on the thread utilizes iMessage. If you’ve got a friend who texts via SMS — ahem, Android users — the feature won’t do you any good.

How to create a medical ID

Medical ID iPhoneWhen Apple issued iOS 8, the company added the highly-rumored Health app to its arsenal. The somewhat complicated app provides a quick means for charting various metrics regarding your health and physical activity, along with a way for others to to access a wealth of information vital to your health in case of an emergency. You can create a Medical ID that’s accessible via the Emergency function located on your device’s lock screen.

To create a Medical ID, launch the Health app as you would normally, and select the Medical ID tab in the lower-right corner. Afterward, enter any information you want accessible through the lock screen — i.e. allergies, medications, blood type, emergency contact numbers — and click Done in the upper-right corner before enabling the function at the top of the app window.

How to capture smoother video

Recording at 60 FPS settingsThe iPhone 6 has stellar video recording capabilities, especially when you enable 60 FPS. The feature essentially doubles the amount of frames per second when recording, taking iPhone 6 videos from 30 to 60 frames per second. To enable said feature, tap the Photos and Camera option within the main Settings, and toggle Record video at 60 FPS to on.

How to capture slow-motion video

Slo-mo recording on iPhoneUnlike previous iPhone models, the iPhone 6 is capable of capturing slow-motion videos, which are great for recording action videos. To enable the feature, launch the Camera app as you would normally, and select SLO-MO from the sliding wheel at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose between 120 and 240 frames per second.

How to capture photos using the volume keys

Snapping photos using the volume button is as easy as it sounds. With the Camera app open, simply press either the volume up or down button housed on the left-hand side of the smartphone. The process even works when using a pair of headphones featuring an inline remote and volume keys.

How to identify which apps are draining your battery

Battery UsageThe iPhone 6 battery is certainly better than past models, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on which apps are draining your battery. To discover which are the most intensive, select General from within the main Settings panel. Afterward, select Usage followed by Battery Usage on the resulting page to see the list of culprits.

How to instantly send voice messages

Text message exchangeSending long-winded texts can be difficult, but fortunately, iOS allows you to send voice messages with ease. To record your message, tap and hold the microphone icon to the right of the text field when viewing a thread. Then, when finished recording, simply swipe up to send your message or slide right to cancel.

How to listen and respond to Audio messages like you would a phone call

Raise phone to listen settingLove sending audio messages, but hate listening to them alongside everyone in your vicinity? Enabling the Raise to Listen feature allows you to listen and reply to audio recordings like you would a normal phone call. To do so, select Messages within the main Settings panel, and toggle Raise to Listen to on.

How to change Siri’s pronunciation

Pronounce SiriSiri isn’t always the sharpest tool in the shed, at least when it comes to pronouncing more obscure names and words. That’s why Apple included a way to change how Siri pronounces specified terms. To do so, simply say “That’s not how you pronounce that” after Siri mispronounces a name or term. Afterward, Siri will ask you for the correct pronunciation and you’ll be given a list of viable pronunciation options to choose from.

How to look at another message when composing an email

Reference ImageFew people know you can quickly reference another message when composing a reply or an entirely new email. Simply swipe down on the title bar, directly between the Cancel and Send options, when composing your message to access your inbox or the email you’re replying to. Then, just tap New Message at the bottom of the screen to return to your message.

How to define a word

Define PhotoKnowing the correct definition of a word is crucial in many scenarios, after all, it’s how we properly communicate with one another. When using apps such as Safari and Mail, you merely need to press and hold a word before selecting Define from the resulting options menu to view a dictionary definition of your desired word.

How to undo your last action with gestures

Shake UndoSome tips might seem a bit frivolous on first glance, sure, but it doesn’t mean they’re not convenient. If you shake your iPhone after typing an error in Safari or Mail, for instance, you’ll bring up an option to Undo your last action. Just tap the Undo button when prompted, or simply hit Cancel if activated in error.

How to selectively clear your browsing history

Clear browsing history on iphoneIf you use Safari and iOS 8, you can now clear selective items from your browsing history without a trace. To do so, launch the Safari app as you would normally, and tap the book icon located at the bottom of the window before selecting the History option. Afterward, swipe left to delete individual sites or tap Clear in the bottom-right corner to erase history within one of four resulting time frames.

How to enable DuckDuckGo to ensure privacy when browsing

DuckDuckGo Search Engine defaultSimply put, DuckDuckGo is a Web browser designed for safe browsing. Enabling the browser allows you to search the Web without having your IP address stored, thus preventing third-parties from collecting your information and giving you greater anonymity than what’s offered by default. To use the feature, select Safari within the main Settings panel, tap Search Engine at the top, and choose DuckDuckGo from the list of available search engines.

How to use multitasking

iPhone multitasking optionsMultitasking is one of the iPhone’s flagship features — and why wouldn’t it be? The function allows apps to perform certain tasks in the background while you’re using other apps or not using your device. To cycle between various background apps, double-click the Home button and swipe left or right before tapping your desired app. Doing so will also bring a list of your most recent contacts, along with a list of those you’ve favorited. You can also close apps here.

How to identify a song

Siri ShazamThanks to Siri’s recent integration with Shazam, it’s become easier than ever to name a piece of music that’s playing around you. To identify the particular song playing in your vicinity — whether on the radio or in a TV advertisement, for instance — just ask Siri “what song is playing?” or “name that tune?” Siri will then name the song and artist after listening for a brief moment.

How to toggle predictive text on and off

Predictive TextPredictive text can be either a help or a hindrance depending on how you like to respond. To turn the pivotal feature on or off, begin by touching and holding the smiley face or globe button while viewing the keyboard. Afterward, just tap Predictive or swipe above the option to toggle it on or off.

How to share your location

Location sharing on iPhoneTelling someone you’re by the large pine tree adjacent to the park only gets you so far. With iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, you can quickly share your exact location via iMessages. To do so, tap Details in the upper-right corner when viewing a message thread and select the Send My Current Location option from the resulting list of options. Once done, your recipient will receive a map with your GPS location conveniently pinpointed on it.

How to use Siri without pressing the Home button

Siri HeyAlthough iPhone users can’t talk to Siri hands-free all of the time, you can access voice commands without touching your phone whenever your device is charging. If you want to enable the feature, select General within the main Settings panel, tap Siri, and toggle Allow “Hey Siri” to on. Afterward, just say, “hey Siri,” when your device is charging to access the feature as usual.

CREW CONNECT Nexedge System September 17, 2015

Victoria Mobile Radio initiated the design and installation of an Nexedge System, giving clients push to talk radio covering South Western British Columbia.

Coverage Map

iPhone 6 September 16, 2015

What’s new with the

iPhone 6


4.7″ iPhone 6 and 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger—it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets our most advanced Multi-Touch display. It’s a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure.

All-new design

A seamless, continuous aluminum and glass design means that while it’s bigger, iPhone 6 feels just right.

Retina HD displays

Even at 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches, they’re the thinnest, most advanced Multi-Touch displays ever made for iPhone.

A8 chip with 64-bit architecture

The A8 chip is not only faster than the A7 chip, it’s up to 50 percent more energy efficient too.

M8 motion coprocessor

Allows you to track your speed and distance, and with a new barometer, even your elevation.


New 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels

Now with faster autofocus, 1080p HD video at 60 fps, and slo-mo video at 240 fps.



Faster wireless performance

Experience LTE download speeds up to 150 Mbps and faster Wi-Fi with 802.11ac.


iOS 8

The world’s most advanced mobile OS is optimized for a larger display and filled with new features.


Business Roaming Made Simple September 16, 2015

Skip the pre-flight call with TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S.

The last thing you want to think about before you travel to the United States is calling TELUS. With TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S., you add the package one time for $2/month per subscriber and you’re ready to roam anytime without the need to contact us to let us know you are traveling.

TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S. provides access to great roaming rates for voice, data and text while traveling in the United States.

How it works:

1. Add Telus Business Roam Ready U.S. for $2/month per subscriber

2. If you use data, you will pay $35/month for 350MB.  If you go over, you will receive another flex tier of 350MB for an additional $35. (eg. $35 for up to 350MB, $70 for up to 700MB, $105 for up to 1050MB and so on)

3. When you make or receive a call, you will only pay $0.35/min and get excellent savings over our standard rate of $1.50/minute (77% in savings)

4. Unlimited incoming texts are included

5. Once you send your first text, you will pay $10 for unlimited outgoing texts.


Get TELUS Business Roam Ready US by visiting Victoria Mobile Radio or calling TELUS today at *611 from your TELUS mobile phone or 1-866-558-2273.

Iridium GO! is now available at Victoria Mobile Radio September 16, 2015

iridium go page3

LTR Coverage September 16, 2015

LTR coverage