MDS – Intrepid HC MX

GE’s MDS™ Intrepid HC products offer a long-distance, high capacity point-to-point licensed wireless backhaul solution ideal for industrial and commercial-grade applications.

Product Description


  • Operates in the secure FCC/ETSI licensed bands between 6 and 38 GHz
  • Provides scalable throughput options from 8 to 350 Mbps Native Ethernet and TDM implementation
  • Native Ethernet and TDM implementation provide separation of service and lowest service latency possible
  • Multiple deployment configurations maximize equipment and RF redundancy and minimize infrastructure cost

The MDS Intrepid HC MX operates in the licensed 6 to 38 GHz frequency bands and offers throughput capacity between 8 and 350 Mbps. It provides a flexible combination of native TDM and native Ethernet interfaces and supports STM-1 interfaces. The MDS Intrepid HC MX can be configured for non-protected (0+1), protected (1+1) or space diversity deployments. The rich feature set and interface support of native Ethernet and TDM provide maximum throughput with minimal latency.