Kenwood- TK-D240 / D340

Kenwood’s DMR Radios have to ability to switch between Analog, Digital, and Nexedge applications. This portable comes in frequencies; VHF 136-174 MHz, and UHF 406-470MHz.

Product Description

Two-in-One Digital and Analog

These DMR radios can operate in both digital and FM analog modes, switching automatically as needed. Interoperability with legacy analog radios allows organizations to migrate to full digital at their own pace.


• Max. 32 ch in 2 zones (16 ch per zone)
• Wide 70 MHz UHF coverage
• Selectable 16-channel using channel stopper
• 5/1 W (VHF), 4/1 W (UHF) output
• Audio output power 1 W @ 12 Ω
• Scanning functions
• Password protection (read/overwrite)
• Minimum volume setting
• Embedded message
• Selective call alert LED
• Key lock
• Late entry
• Analog signalling: QT/DQT, FleetSync, 2-tone (available later)
• Compander per channel
• Squelch level