The MDS Orbit MCR and ECR share the same networking and security functionality with the MCR model being a dual WAN radio router and the ECR model a single WAN radio router in a more compact form factor. Both models support a rich set of cellular modem options and cover a wide variety of bands in order to maximize the flexibility of deployment across carriers and countries.

Product Description

The MDS Orbit MCR and ECR routers offer a number of key features and benefits when applied as a multiservice router gateway for distribution automation field area networks. The substation hardened design complies with IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 standards and NFPA 70 Class 1 Div 2 thus permitting a reliable deployment in harsh substation environments.

Key Benefits

• Improved performance for data acquisition and control networks implementing IP/Ethernet communication to remote devices

• Repurpose narrowband networks for new applications through a 6X increase in communication speed

• Secure your network and assets by implementing best-in-class cyber security

• Support converged network applications and hybrid wireless solutions through advanced wireless routing and quality of service

• Implement push communication and report by exception from remote devices