Product Description

The MDS Master Stations, built upon our modular communications platform, are used with SD Series and x710 series remote radios. The MDS Master Stations support full duplex communication in a protected 1+1 warm standby transceiver configuration to provide reliability for continuous use, high duty cycle applications associated with licensed narrowband Base Station and Repeater applications. The MDS Master Station is offered in a 19 in/43.8 cm, 2 rack-unit high chassis containing an internal duplexer with options for connecting an external duplexer.

Key Benefits
  • Redundancy with warm standby transceiver
  • Full duplex, half duplex and simplex operating modes
  • Operation as Master Station, Repeater or Remote
  • Backward compatibility with x710 radios
  • 5 and 10 Watt output power
  • Connectivity for multiple IP/Ethernet and Serial host systems
  • PulseNET management of online and standby transceivers

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