Victoria Mobile Radio is the premier radio communications company on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and one of largest wireless communications providers in Western Canada. With over 30 years in the industry, the company has developed an unparalleled base of knowledge in RF communications. Although it is an established company, Victoria Mobile Radio is also progressive; it is very proud of its reputation as a market leader and innovator using the latest wireless technologies.

The Company is well-positioned to provide high-quality, effective consulting services in the following fields:

Public Commercial Radio

Victoria Mobile Radio sells and maintains two-way radio equipment for federal, provincial and municipal bodies including police, fire, ambulance, search & rescue and coast guard. The company’s depth of knowledge and experience, as well as its proven track record, has earned the trust of users of mission-critical communication systems.

Community Repeaters – Radio Common Carrier (RCC)

Victoria Mobile Radio implements, maintains and loads publicly-licensed repeater systems for such industries sectors as construction, logging, waste management and tourism. Nearly every organized entity requires mobile communications. Victoria Mobile Radio is equipped to consult on all aspects of RCC repeater systems.

Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio (ESMR)

With Victoria Mobile Radio’s experience using the latest transmission formats, including Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), Victoria Mobile Radio has the expertise to design and implement such systems as DMR, Nexedge, P25 and Tetra.

In 2015, Victoria Mobile Radio initiated the design and installation of an Nexedge System, giving clients push to talk radio covering South Western British Columbia.


Victoria Mobile Radio engineers, and implements SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition) systems exclusively for GE Digital Energy.

Victoria Mobile Radio was the original designer and developer of Vancouver Island’s EDACS network which serviced the entire region (Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada). The system involved an network of 18 repeater systems and over 1000 mobile radios. Victoria Mobile Radio was the exclusive full-service provider for the entire system, including load management. In 1999, the system was sold to Clearnet Communications Inc. (Clearnet has since been sold to TELUS Mobility).