MDS – Orbit Platform

Product Description

As industrial SCADA and automation applications have evolved, corresponding requirements for security, reliability and performance of the underlying communication network have become more demanding.  Furthermore, the diversity of topography and wireless spectrum conditions across regions is often difficult to address with any single wireless technology.

The GE MDS™ Orbit industrial wireless router platform offers the security, reliability, performance, and wireless flexibility required for next-generation industrial networks. Orbit enables customers to deploy advanced communications using diverse options of wireless technologies and frequencies.

Orbit allows for communication over licensed spectrum, unlicensed spectrum, cellular technologies, and Wi-Fi in various form factors with single or dual radio options. Its advanced cyber security capabilities enable customers the power needed to secure and protect their networks and assets.

Unifying network deployments on the Orbit platform with a common user experience, networking and security capabilities across various RF technologies helps customers simplify operations, reduce learning curves and save on cost.

Key Benefits

• Simplify operations, reduce learning curves and reduce cost by unifying the deployment of multiple wireless technologies on a single platform
• Repurpose narrowband spectrum for more bandwidth-demanding applications using QAM modulation
• Deploy latency-sensitive applications on high-speed unlicensed 900MHz ISM
• Expand network coverage reliably across multiple cellular carriers and countries
• Minimize network downtime and maximize application availability with redundant radio uplinks
• Protect network and assets with powerful cyber security capabilities

Diverse Radio Configurations
• A single platform enables networks with various radio technologies as well as dual-radio capabilities
• Licensed technology with QAM, Bi-directional adaptive modulation, FEC and advanced compression maximizes efficiency on narrowband spectrum
• High-performance 900 MHz FHSS enables low latency and high-throughput unlicensed networks with multipoint and store-and-forward
• A diversity of 4G LTE and private cellular options for global coverage with GPS

Advanced Networking & Security
• Enterprise-class cyber security capabilities including VPNs, firewalling and centralized authentication ensure advanced network protection
• Integrated routing and bridging support a variety of network designs
• Flexible Quality of Service allows for application based prioritization and bandwidth allocation for deterministic network performance


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